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Pro Bono, Gramond & Associés is committed

Gramond & Associés provides legal advice for MicroWorld through its ProBono activity. MicroWorld is a microcredit platform, 100% web. Individuals, corporations and foundations fund in the form of interest-free loans online, projects of micro-entrepreneurs all over the world.

What is Pro Bono ?

Pro bono is a shortened version of the Latin expression “pro bono publico”, meaning "for the public good." Pro bono refers to the commitment by voluntary individuals giving meaning to their profession by getting involved in general interest initiatives for no material reward.

For lawyers it means voluntarily and freely devoting part of their time to protect the rights of disadvantaged individuals or providing legal services to public interest organizations.

As part of its pro bono activity, Gramond & Associés offers its assistance to MicroWorld to develop its microcredit platform.

Why did Gramond & Associés joined the MicroWorld project?

Gramond & Associés is firmly commited to entrepreneurs, whether they run SMEs, start-ups, or industrial groups. As such, we are very close to them and readily acknowledge their social value beyond their obvious economic utility.

We believe that supporting micro-entrepreneurs in their business in developing companies will result in better outcomes in the medium term for these countries’ growth rather than providing short-term emergency aid.

What is MicroWorld?

MicroWorld is a 100% web-based microcredit platform. Individuals, corporations, and foundations finance micro-entrepreneurial’ projects around the world in the form of interest-free online loans.

MicroWorld brings together a community of lenders committed to reducing poverty and promoting local economic development.

MicroWorld also aims to generalize microfinancing and introduce microcredit to the general public.

MicroWorld is an “effective” platform providing lending rather than giving and thereby promoting sustainable development rather than short-term relief. It is also a tool that allows each lender to assess the impact of its actions in the field at any time.

Finally, MicroWorld is a “social business,” i.e. an economically viable enterprise, whose aim is to work towards a social benefit by participating in developing microfinance rather than maximizing profits for its shareholders.

On the strength of this philosophy, MicroWorld develops its activity without deducting a share from the loan amounts made through the site 100% of the financing offered goes to the benefit of micro-entrepreneurs.

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