Droit immobilier et de la construction

Real Estate and Construction Law

Gramond & Partners created a real estate department in 2008 with the arrival of Mathieu Moundlic, partner in charge of its development.


Our clients include individual house builders, property developers, building and construction suppliers, architects, interior decorators, several property managers and management agents, as well as many tenants and commercial lessees.


The department’s activity is divided between leases (commercial, professional, and residential), condominiums, real estate development, construction, and sales.


  • Negotiating and drafting leases and related rental agreements: commercial leases, short-term dispensatory leases, precarious occupancy agreements, professional leases, building leases, residential leases, long-term leases, etc.
  • Notification to vacate, renewal offers and requests, evictions
  • Litigation and advice regarding leases: lease execution (court order to pay, judicial rescission...), judicial procedure for the fixing of rent, eviction and occupation compensation, deskilling procedures
  • The follow up of decision implementation (appraisals, collections, evictions, foreclosures)
  • Advice, negotiating and drafting the legal documentation for the acquisition of leasehold, and management of the legal formalities.


  • The follow up of disputes related to the condominium, particularly regarding the following:
  • meetings
  • disputes between owners or between owners and association and/or management agent
  • recovery of costs / expenses
  • troubles with neighbours
  • construction, disorders, and legal expertise 

Real estate development – construction:

  • Drafting of property development contracts, Pre-completion sale contracts, delegated project management contracts, agency agreements, construction contracts, etc.
  • Starting preventive measures, follow up of expertise and management of neighbours' troubles and common ownership issues
  • Assistance during construction in the event of performance and fulfilment issues (construction site incident, bankruptcy of a company, construction site abandonment, termination of contract, additional work, appointment of an expert surveyor, follow-up of expertise, monitoring assessments…)
  • Assistance for the ackowledgement of completion of the work, drafting claims
  • Activating biennial and decannial guarantees, litigation linked to real estate transactions, including these notably relating to Robien and Scellier laws


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