Droit social et ressources humaines

Labour Law and Human Resources

Since 2003, Gramond & Partners has developed expertise in Labour Law advice and litigation for companies.


On a daily basis, the Law Firm provides advices to directors and operational staff for large, medium-sized, and small companies involved in all the business sectors: services, banking, industry, consulting firms, professional associations, associations.

Gramond & Partners very often exercises this activity as an outsourced legal service for human resource departments being thus very near to the daily issues of the entrepreneurs.


The Labour Law Department provides comprehensive support to its clients, in advice and in litigation.

It assists its clients in the daily management of their business’ labour aspects regarding both individual labour relations (signing, executing, and terminating employment contracts, social security law ) and collective labour relations (staff representative institutions, collective bargaining, redundancy plans, etc.).

Moreover, our lawyers represent and defend the interests of their clients before the courts whether specialized or not (Industrial arbitration Court for individual disputes, General Court for electoral disputes, District Court for collective litigations , Criminal Court in criminal matters, Administrative Court in Social Security for disputes with social security administrations and litigation related to industrial accidents, Social division of the Court of Appeals).

In matter of advice, our domains of expertise include:

Individual labour relations:

In order to secure working relationships within the company, we assist managers in their daily decision making.

  • Employment: decision-making support regarding the most appropriate type of employment contract, drafting employment contracts
  • Terminating labour contracts: preparing and implementing dismissal cases and breach of contract cases (disciplinary sanctions, dismissal, conventional dismissals, transactions)
  • Assisting companies with their international projects: Expatriation and assignment, impatriation, expatriate and impatriate welfare coverage
  • Day-to-day assistance in individual labour relations: (drafting sanctions, responding to employee requests, drafting of amendments, etc.
  • Director status: issues related to combining employment contracts / legal representative contract

Collective relations:

We assist companies in managing the company’s collective status and staff representative bodies:

  • Advice and support for the implementation of staff representative bodies
  • Follow up of relations with staff representative bodies on a daily basis (notifications, communications, meetings) and in exceptional circumstances (negotiating collective agreements, information, consultations)
  • Working time arrangements: analyzing working time organization in the company, setting up organizations adapted to business needs (flexible working hours, working in teams...), preparing documents relating to executive working time management, time savings account
  • Employee savings: implementing and monitoring profit sharing and participation agreements, implementing corporate savings plans and retirement savings plans

Corporate labour restructuring plans:

We assist managers with decision making (risk assessment, thinking on the means of implementation) and assistance with the implementation.

  • Outsourcing
  • Legal reorganization: merger, de-merger or spin off, transfer of assets, transfer of activities or companies …
  • Transfer of employment contracts (Article L.1224-1 of the French Labour Code)
  • Relocation of the company
  • Restructuring and collective economic redundancies (project analysis, motivation for dismissal, and operational implementation of the correct procedure)

Criminal risk prevention: Our role is to assist entrepreneurs in anticipating criminal risk and, if necessary, is to defend them:

  • Hygiene and Safety
  • Industrial accident
  • Moonlighting work
  • Illegal subcontracting labour
  • Discrimination and Harassment

Social Security Law:

  • Assistance with URSSAF [French Social Security Contribution Collection Office] inspections
  • Dispute of the reassessments
  • Recourse to

Labour aspects of Information and Communications Technology:

  • IT policy, Internet/intranet, social networking
  • Personal data protection and respect for privacy
  • Code of ethics, whistleblowing
  • Telecommuting


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