Technologies de l'information et de la communication

Information and Communication Technologies

Since the founding of Gramond & Partners in 2001, the law firm historical expertise has been in Information and Communication Technologies.



Information and communications technologies have been a key growth sector for Gramond & Partners.

We provide advice to several service providers in IT and networking and several e-commerce, including the European leader in online travel sales.

The firm also advices one of the French leaders in free online gaming.

Finally, we advice a myriad of start-ups in fields as diverse as the Internet, software, mobile phones, media, etc...

In its annual IP-IT ranking (June 2011), the magazine Option Droit des Affaires ranked Gramond & Partners amongst the most  high-profile Law firms for Internet law (contracts, responsibility, Internet economic law, e-commerce, personal data, domain names).


Website and E-Commerce

The Law firm assists clients in all the classic legal missions regarding the use of the Internet: drafting and negotiating contracts for production, maintenance, and web hosting as well as registration and protection of names used on the Web.

  • Choosing, reserving, and renewing domain names
  • Domain name protection (national and UDRP procedures)
  • Contracts for designing and producing websites (portal, marketplace, online store, news site), 
  • Rights acquisition contracts for online creations
  • Hosting, maintenance contracts
  • Promotion contracts (SEO, advertising, affiliation)
  • E-commerce and online payment
  • Distance selling
  • Website legality and compliance audit
  • Website acquisition
  • Drafting the general terms and conditions of sale, terms and conditions of use, confidentiality policies, games regulations
  • Legal proceedings regarding ISP, hosting company, and publisher liability 
  • Securing Internet use in specific contexts such as managing Internet use incompanies or in the online gaming world.

        Internet in Companies

  • Determination of the power of the employer in terms of control and sanction
  • Use of the e-mail box by the employees
  • Drafting and auditing IT policies

        Online Gambling

  • Compliance with the regulations applicable to online gambling
  • Implementing “electronic safe” solutions 


IT – Software.

We provide advice for service providers and service users during all the stages in their project: within the framework of tender offers, before the sale phase and after the signature of the contract.

The legal services that we provide in order to secure the project in fact begin long before any implementation of the project and extend to the management of any issues that may occur during and after the said implementation.

We are involved mainly in the following types of contract:

  • Software development and maintenance contracts
  • Software transfer or licensing agreements
  • Facility management, outsourcing, maintenance and systems integration contracts
  • Assistance with dematerialization processes
  • Drafting IT and electronics policies
  • Litigation: certified reports, assessments, legal proceedings for infringement or unfair competition
  • Cloud computing and “as a service” (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and others) contracts



All personal data processing must comply with the rules imposed by French and European regulations regarding accessing, using, or transferring such data.

The diversity of processing used by companies also requires particular attention to this specific topic when developing new means of surveillance within the company, e.g. through cyber-surveillance, video-surveillance, and geolocalization systems.

  • Legal conduct for the project when introducing new technologies
  • Auditing processes implemented in the company and recommendations regarding existing processes
  • IT policies,
  • Data collection agreements, database hosting and management agreements
  • Using personal data for commercial purposes
  • Outsourcing contract resulting in access to or transfer of personal data
  • Projects involving transferring personal data within the EU or outside the EU
  • Preparing statements, authorization requests, and other formalities required by the CNIL [French Personal Data Protection Authority].

The firm may also represent its client with regards to the CNIL by assuming the role of “CIL” [Privacy Correspondent].


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