Droit Pénal des Affaires

Criminal Business Law

This department was created in January 2012 with the arrival of Vincent Ohannessian as a new partner in charge of developing this activity.


Vincent Ohannessian has provided criminal defense for numerous directors and executives from companies of all sizes and in all sectors (industry, trade, banking, services) with support at all levels of the legal procedure, from police custody through the investigation procedure to the Criminal Court, and/or the Court of Appeal. He is also involved with companies and/or their shareholders, generally as plaintiffs who wish to challenge the criminal liability of one or more directors. More generally, Vincent also deals more generally with all cases of “financial crime”, whether in defense or on the side of the plaintiffs.


Gramond & Partners provides advice to its clients and represents them before the authorities courts of inquiry, investigation, or judgment (including the French stock market and the competition authorities), to assist them in the criminal proceedings they face, whether in defence or as victims of an offence.

Gramond & Partners is involved in all types of crime relating to the business world, whether specific offenses or offenses of common law applied to business law.

Specific offenses of Business Law:

  • Offenses by ailing firms
  • Offenses relating to companies (misappropriation of corporate assets, financial or accounting crimes)
  • Offenses relating to Competition Law
  • Offenses relating to Stock Exchange Law
  • Offenses relating to Consumer Law
  • Offenses relating to Labour Law

Common Law offenses applicable to Business Law:

  • Theft, Fraud, Breach of trust
  • Corruption, influence peddling, illegal vested interest 
  • Forgery and use of forged documents
  • Money laundering
  • Fraudulent organization of insolvency


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