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Corporate Law and legal assistance

Gramond & Associés’ business law practice was strengthened with bridge-building with J.C.E. in 2001. The two Law firms shall eventually merged.


The firm advises clients on all issues in corporate Law. Bridge-building with JCE in 2011 reinforced this practice with legal assistance provided for more than 300 companies every year.


We assist our clients in both their daily activities and exceptional operations.

This knowledge is coupled with an expertise in Tax law.

JCE works with companies and their directors mainly in relation to:

  • Company incorporation: determination of the best suited legal form for the proposed project and taxation, drafting By-laws, and implemention shareholders’ agreement 
  • Monitoring companies’ corporate life: the approval of the accounts, keeping of attendance sheets of shareholders " meeting, headoffice transfers, changes of the directors, transformations, liquidations 
  • Capital and long term financing operations: capital increases and decreases, issuing securities giving access to capital (stock warrants, convertible bonds, bonds with warrants, etc.) 
  • Restructuring operations: legal and tax analysis and implementing merger, spin-off or demerger, debt restructuring
  • Intra-group transactions: tax analysis and implementation of various intra-group agreements adapted to the structure and needs of the various group entities (cash management agreement, management fees, current account, etc.) 
  • Assistance to directors and legal representatives (responsibilities, method of compensation, delegation of powers) 
  • Assistance in corporate governance: establishing governance structures suitable for the group’s/shareholders’ structure 
  • Employee Shareholding: advise for the implementation of incentive mechanisms (stock option plans, free shares, warrant shares), organization of securities liquidity, etc.


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